Journal Articles

Smith, G. F., Jung, H., & Zenker, F. (2022). From task-based needs analysis to curriculum evaluation: Putting methodological innovations to the test in an English for academic purposes program. English for Specific Purposes, 66, 80-93.

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Smith, G. F., Kyle, K., & Crossley, S. A. (2020). Word lists and the role of academic vocabulary use in high stakes speaking assessments. International Journal of Learner Corpus Research, 6(2), 197-223.

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Ziegler, N., Moranski, K., Smith, G. F., & Phung, H. (2020). Metacognitive instruction and interactional feedback  in a computer-mediated environment. TESOL Canada, 37(2), 210-233.

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Edited book chapters

Ziegler, N. & Smith, G. (2017). Teacher’s provision of feedback in L2 text-chat: Cognitive, contextual, and affective factors. In L. Gurzynski-Weiss (Ed.), Expanding individual difference research in the Interaction Approach: Investigating learners, instructors, and other interlocutors (pp. 255-280). John Benjamins.

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Smith, G., Cardoso, W., & Garcia Fuentes, C. (2015). Evaluating text-to-speech synthesizers. In F. Helm, L. Bradley, M. Guarda, & S. Thouësny (Eds.). Critical CALL – Proceedings of the 2015 EUROCALL Conference, Padova, Italy (pp. 108-113).


Smith, G. F. (2019). [Review of the website BBC Learning English: Pronunciation]. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation 5(2), 333-348.

Unpublished Works

Smith, G. F. (December, 2020). An investigation of vocabulary size, metacognition, and individual differences in L2 listening comprehension (Doctoral Dissertation). University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.

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Conference Presentations and Workshops

Smith, G. (2019, March 9-12). The relationship between L2 vocabulary knowledge and listening comprehension ability: A meta-analysis. American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference, Atlanta, USA.

Bach, C., Smith, G., Le, H., Phung, H., & Ziegler, N. (2018, February 17). What are good tasks? Designing TBLT materials for the second language classroom. Hawaiʻi TESOL Spring Conference, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

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